Beyond The Canvas is an exhibition that I recently directed and curated alongside a colleague, located at The Storey Gallery in Lancaster, which is a beautiful open and naturally lit space to work with.  The main ethos of the exhibition was to look beyond the traditional methods of creating and presenting art and looking towards the future. The show featured 27 artists from the Lancaster Area and the opening night was supported by a line up of live local music acts.  We wanted to really capture the strengths of the arts in Lancashire as it is still an area that is lacking, even though there is considerable arts activity in the areas through universities and organisations. 


The exhibition and opening event were deemed a success with the opening night achieving an intake of over 300 guests which nearly doubled over the weekend of the exhibition. 



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20/06/19 - 01/07/19

Director and Chairman

Coordinate is the degree show showcase of 2019 at the Lancaster Institute of Contemporary arts. This year is the first year that will incorporate all disciplines of the arts that are studied at the university including a Fine Art Exhibition, Design showcase, and Film and Theatre showreels. Logistically this will be a massive event where the exhibition will be taking place for many weeks and will exhibit over 100 artists. 


Coordinate will be showcasing a huge variety of contemporary arts that span the spectrum of what art can be. There will be live performances, musical pieces and installation work alongside more traditional forms of art. The opening night will have speeches, were live-streamed and catered and saw an exhibition attendance of over 1000 visitors 



6:30 - 8:30pm 

Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster University 


I am the chairman of the committee and director of activity for the degree show meaning that my role is paramount in the creation of this exhibition. I lead, manage and organize the creation, design, marketing, and budget for the show. This has demonstrated to me the logistical and financial needs and boundaries that you are faced with when putting together a gallery exhibition. This show has allowed me to massively platform my network giving me the opportunity to be in contact and work with marketing companies, PR officers, photographer, news broadcasters. 


My work was featured during the exhibition in the Lancashire Life Magazine, Lancaster Guardian and on BBC Radio Lancashire. Through these newly created networks, I now have contacts to use when needing to market, publicise and create an event in the future. 


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