Dare2Wear Founder 

LUSU Teaching Leader and Facilitator 

2018 -2019 


The Dare2Wear organisation looks to provide primary and secondary school students with an understanding of what can be achieved through creativity and the arts. Looking to inspire them to think creatively, individually and showcase what the arts can achieve. We do this through our developing day plans that cater to different age ranges from early primary school to secondary school level. Providing days surrounding upcycling clothes, montaging, what it would be like to study art at university and seeing and analysing art. Each day plan is researched, risk assessed and checked before they are offered to schools in the Lancashire area. 


I am in the process of developing an intensive portfolio within my teaching CV. Through founding this Dare2Wear project, being employed by Lancaster University to teach other schools projects, gaining work experience in schools and being a peer mentor to developing performance artists. I have certified CRB checks and safeguarding training. I will also be furthering my teaching experience and development through completing a PGCE in teacher training this September at the Manchester Metropolitan University, gaining an unconditional offer to do this. 


Current teaching projects I'm involved with:

  • Go Green 

Working with lower primary schools on key issues about renewable energies and food miles. Including trips to see the wind turbines and cooking classes.



  • Be The Change 

A project aimed at upper primary schools that looks to highlight core key skills through the option of two activity days, one around teamwork and leadership the other around democracy and fairness. 



  • Upycycling and Creativity 

A project again aimed at upper primary and lower secondary schools, looking at recycling and key issues around clothing waste. Leading to a workshop of redecorating an old piece of donated clothing. 



  • Fine Arts at University

A project for later secondary schools GCSE and even A-Level, where students get an opportunity to see what the potential opportunities and benefits through studying art at university are. Giving talks on student finance, campus tours and showing them the art studios. Finally an opportunity in June to see the degree show. 



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School Experience:

Ellesmere Park High School 

 Art and Technology                                                                   Salford 

 Sept 2020 - To Date 

Ellesmere Park High is a school which looks to develop and push the artistic skills of all their pupils. In art we look to develop fundamental skills which can then be built upon and developed throughout their school career. Our pupils have an outstanding skills artistically and we look to challenge that to create some really creative work. Drawing on key themes, research and historical references to build an informed and developed artistic practice ready for GCSE and further artistic education

Year 7 - Save the Bees

We first look to develop the fundamental skills and understanding of the formal elements of drawing, painting and sculpture. We do this through a bee project where they develop their own posters and drawings of bees, looking at tone, texture, mark-making. Then using media like pen, pencil, watercolour, charcoal, chalk and clay. By the end of the year pupils will have created a variety of different outcomes and understand artistic fundamental skills, key artists and art history.

Year 8- Monsters 

Developing on what they have learn't in year 7, we look to develop this further getting students to create their own pieces of art in the style of different artist and movements through time. Encouraging experimentation, resilience and risk within their work as this is an import part of being an artist. During this project they look at specific artists and create work in their style. Looking at drawing, painting and sculpture.

Year 9- Birds with issues

In year 9 we need to consolidate all the skills they have learn't throughout KS3 and pull them together to create a portfolio of work and outcomes. This project looks to do that but through discussing world issues that often influences the creation of art of today. Developing a portfolio of work through research, sketching, experimentation, ideas, creation and annotation and evaluation. Resulting in a creative and contextual final sculpture.

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Oasis Academy Media City UK

Trainee Teacher 

Art, Design and Photography                                                       Sept 2019 - January 2020 


Currently on a placement enhancing my teaching knowledge and practice as an excellent academy chain in media city. A school that is at the heart of Salford and looks to shape and inspire their pupils at time at their school to have the goals to succeed. Using a universal and modern practice of teaching that is consistent throughout the school and its subjects curriculum. I am currently training within the art department working with key stage 3 and 4 on projects to enhance and develop a base line of skills in their practice which can then be expanded on to be experimented and developed further. My current projects include:

  • Year 7 

Looking at portraiture and the fundamentals to drawing act as a baseline to be developed through KS3. Creating projects in perspective drawing using the rules of proportion which is then moved on to being applied to Picasso and creating abstract portraits and sculpture.

  • Year 8

Looking to develop their skills of drawing and mark-making further through understanding different methods of mark-making and adding tone. Using colour theory and colour mixing to compliment this and develop their skills in painting using watercolour and oil pastels. Using the artist Kandinsky to be an example of such methods and using his creative process of using music as an example.

  • Year 9 

Looks to consolidate all their learning of KS3 in drawing and painting. Then also introduce them to photography and the camera. Looking at alternative and challenging movements like DADA and Surrealism to create their own individual collages in the style of artists like Hannah Hoch. Completing artist research pages, designs and developments in preparation for the GCSE courses in Art and/or Photography. 

  • GCSE 

Students get the freedom to complete their projects on what they want or feel inspired to do so by. As a teacher we are their to facilitate their learning and develop their skills. Currently completing an identity project, they create research collages around what matters to them, complete self portraits, take photographs and  design a portfolio around themselves and what matters to them. 


As a school we adopt 9 habits; looking to inspire the next generation to be good people and reach their career goal!




All Saints Catholic College 

Trainee Teacher 

Art and Design                                                                                    February 2019 - June 2020 


Currently on a placement in the heart of Tameside that takes a different approach to teaching, having faith at the heart of the school. A school which just over 5 years ago was on special measures with closure on the horizon has undergone a huge change in management and is now an OFSTED rated school. The art department has creativity at its heart and presents an opportunity to present a variety of different projects and media to the children to enhance their artistic portfolio throughout their time at the college. 

  • Year 7

They learn the fundamentals of drawing using tone and different media in the form of looking at African culture and african masks. Drawing designs in pencil, chalk and colour, which they then convert into a sculpture in the end of the project.

  • Year 8

Building on their knowledge of what they have learnt in year 7, we look at modern art specifically Pop art. Students complete artist research pages on artists like Roy Litchensutein and Andy Warhol. Copying and developing from their work to create their own designs and pieces of work. Which they then make 3D in the form of a clay sculpture. 

  • Year 9 

At this point they have completed their GCSE options and want to take art at that level. Students are given the theme of Central America looking at subjects like the Day of the Dead festival and aztec culture. Developing skills ready for the GCSE framework completing subject and artist research, drawing and painting pieces and then creating different sculptures in the style of a GCSE sketchbook and portfolio.

  • GCSE 

In year 10 they continue to develop their own style of work independently which is marked against the GCSE framework. Understanding what is required and how to improve their practice individually. Alongside having workshop lessons which enhance their skills in painting and 3D work - creating animal and wire sculptures.

Ready for year 11 when they complete their coursework and exam portfolios based on everything they have learnt throughout their school career and showcase their findings.