Unique, Innovative and creative 

With nearly 10 years of experience of using the camera in the world of Fine Art, photographing myself and others discussing a variety of different, important and very relevant to the time themes. My photography has always looked to be thought provoking, detailed and gritty in subject nature and always wanting to pose a question to the viewer. My photography is often eccentric in the use of paint to imply emotion and feeling through a photograph through the cracking and withering of a mask or facade it represents. My photography style and quality was further developed at university which aided e in my discovery of performance art. Taking a photograph has become one of the most widely used method of documenting a memory, and the camera as a tool is beginning to dominate the art world. Having this knowledge and experience allows me to teach student these skills providing them with a very new innovative and creative set of skills to use in the artistic and working world!

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Technological, Live, Factual 

During university and the opportunities around that I have had the opportunity to participate within live film production and broadcasting  through the live TV station LA1 TV.  Filming TED talks and live events to give myself an insight into the practicality of live filming to a high resolution and scale. 

Film, has also always been at the forefront of my practice and is used as a form of documentation for my live performances. These films are usually showcased within some for of mixed media installation which works as a representation of the environment and context of the work. 

All this experience and development using the camera has allowed me to gain extensive knowledge of using different types of technical cameras which i apply now to my teaching practice.